This is a complete Reading System and is the only Program you'll ever need. You can take it anywhere and use it on your Ipad or use it on your home computer. Busy parents 'on the go' like you will find this a great program. You can read the "How to" Blogs, Parents Books and the Teaching Pages on the train on the way to work or on your Ipad or Kindle when you have a few moments. These Phonics Plus ebooks give you the power to take control and help your child make faster reading progress. And they show you how to do it.

The tools are here for you to use.


Do you want to help your child who is ready to start reading, but you’re not sure where to start and how to do it?

The Beginning Reading ebook is an all-in-one easy-to-use place to start your child on the road to reading. It supplies the foundation skills your child needs to progress through the rest of the Program.  


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Early and then Advanced Reading are the next steps as your child progresses. 

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There are sixteen Stories ebooks each containing five graded stories for your child to read. Every story has a Teaching page for you which is exclusive to this Program.

Here you'll find all the Phonics skills you need to help your child so that s/he will be able to read the story successfully. This is the difference between this Program and other programs. It shows you WHAT to do and HOW to help your child. By choosing this Program for your child you can feel confident and reassured that your child can make the progress that you both deserve.

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These are your Parents Books in the Phonics Plus Program which show you exactly How To Help Your Child Learn To Read. They are packed with information, suggestions, options and ideas to help you help your child make progress and solve problems. The Parents Books supply you with invaluable information as you work with your child through the Stories. By using the easy descriptions of 'how to do it' you can feel confident that you are doing exactly what your child needs. 

Your child will make steady progress in continuous, easily manageable steps from being a non-reader to a competent reader at the completion of the Program.  



Your first step is to study the Guide to the Program at the top of this web page.

It will show you how to check what your child knows and is invaluable in helping you decide what you need to do next. By doing these checks you can stop worrying about whether your child has the skills needed to succeed.

It's your next step to selecting exactly the right place to start in the Program for your child too. This way your child will experience success from the very first day of working with you.

(All our ebooks listed on this website can be viewed on Ipads, PCs and all other devices.)