Early Reading

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In the Early Reading Program you'll find Stories Books 1-8. These are 40 exclusive, graded Stories for your child to read. Each of the family Stories and pictures are deliberately simple because they’re designed to help your child learn to read, not to entertain. Time for that later!

They’ve been split into sets of five Stories for each Ebook. You’ll find the Teaching Page highlights WHAT you need to help your child. Your Parents Books show you HOW to use it. Your child will then be right ready to read each Story successfully.

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 In the Early Reading Parents Books you’ll find out HOW to introduce the very first graded reading texts to your child using Phonics plus the three other recognized methods of learning to read. If your child finds using one method difficult then this will allow your child to learn with the methods that best suit him/her.

There’s a complete run-down on HOW to do it, what to ask and say and HOW to help your child solve any problems.

Summary of what’s in your Early Reading Parents Books:

- how to introduce and use early Phonics skills

- how to use Games to help your child learn the Alphabet

- the questions to ask to help your child

- how to help your child monitor and self-correct reading

- how to introduce the first 35+ new Essential Sight Words

- how to help your child learn about how books work

- how to use early comprehension skills

- how to help your child write a sentence daily

- how to help your child begin to build a spelling word bank

- suggested daily session plans for you to use

- how to monitor your child’s progress

- how to identify and fix any problems

- the how and why of various activities

and lots of information about what else you can do to help your child.

You’ll help your child to use early Phonics, begin to introduce the first Essential Sight Words that lead to fluent reading and work together using meaning and re-reading to solve unknown words. Beginning the skills of writing sentences helps your child with Phonics skills and is another step along the pathway to your child becoming a good reader.

As you build on the foundation blocks of knowledge that your child already has you can be confident that you’re moving him/her along the path to success.

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This is a typical page in one of the Parents Books. It summarizes the skills that you and your child are going to be working on throughout the Early Reading Program. Each of these aspects of the Program are covered fully in the Parents Books.

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Here’s an example of what you’ll see on your iPad when you go to the title page of a Story. There's always a cover page just like a real book!

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Here’s an example of part of a Teaching Page. As you can see it provides you with all the information you need and shows you which skills to focus on so that your child can read the story successfully.

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Here’s an example of the story page that your child reads.