Beginning Reading

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The Phonics Plus Beginning Reading Parents Book is the whole Beginning Reading part of the total Program in one easy-to-read book!

No jargon, philosophy of education or buzz words, just down-to-earth how-to-do-it information for you because you want the best for your child. There’s everything you need to give your child a fantastic introduction to reading and no teaching experience is required either!

You’ll introduce the alphabet and play listening, sound, rhyming, letter and word games, make up stories about pictures, read lots of stories together and introduce using workbooks. By doing this you’re setting the foundations of reading in place and getting your child ready for school and to learn to read!

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Research shows that children who have beginning reading programs before they start school are at a definite advantage over those who don’t. And this advantage stays with them in future years!

“Early literacy skills are learned and developed prior to a child entering formal education. Parents, as the first teachers of their child, play a pivotal role in their child’s overall literacy development and readiness for school. Ensuring that early literacy practices occur, especially reading aloud to a child, will not only prepare a child for kindergarten, but will affect their literary success throughout their entire education and even into adulthood.”

The Effects of Early Literacy Development on Academic Success     by Julie A Antilla    April 22 2013