Advanced Reading

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The Phonics Plus Advanced Reading Program is designed for 6-8+ year-olds. You’ll find that you’re encouraging your child to become increasingly independent both with reading and writing in this part of the Program.

At this stage of the Program if your child is a confident reader you can now move him/her along much faster.

 In the Advanced Reading Stories Books 9-16, you’ll find the next 40 exclusive, graded Stories for your child to read and 40 Teaching Pages to go with the Stories so your child is fully prepared to read each new Story.

They’ve been split into sets of five Stories for each ebook. You’ll find the Teaching Page highlights WHAT you need to do to help your child. Your Parents Books show you HOW to do it. Your child will then be right ready to read each Story successfully.

If your child is finding, or has found, reading a challenge then all possible distractions need to be removed so that the focus is totally on ‘reading skills’.

Later your child will be able to read lots of fun stories using the skills s/he learned in the Program!

You’ll help your child with more advanced Phonics and the remaining 65 Essential Sight Words that lead to fluent reading and self-monitoring. By doing this you’re setting your child up for the success s/he deserves!

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Your Parents Books are an integral part of the Program and contain the HOW TO DO IT instructions for the Program. In them you’ll find a full description of HOW to introduce the advanced Phonics skills and the next 40 graded reading texts. Then you'll find how to modify the introductions later, when your child becomes more independent. You’ll use three combined methods of helping your child learn to read which allow your child to learn with the method that best suits him/her.

There’s a complete run-down on HOW to use the Phonics skills for the Level in the Teaching Pages, what to ask and say and HOW to help your child solve any problems. There’s lots of information about using Phonics to write sentences and build a spelling bank of known words which all contribute to your child’s reading success too.

 Here’s a summary of your Advanced Reading Parents Books - 

 - the activities and Games to help your child use Advanced Phonics

- how to introduce 65+ new Essential Sight Words

- how to use advanced comprehension skills

- how to help your child write several sentences daily

- how to help your child build a large spelling word bank

- suggested daily session plans for you to use

- how to monitor your child’s progress

and lots of information about what else you can do to help your child.

At this stage your child will be reading confidently but if there are any problems then the following will be really helpful.

- how to identify and fix any problems

- the how and why of various activities

- how to discover where your child’s roadblocks are

- how to overcome those road blocks

- the questions to ask to help your child solve any problems

- how to help your child monitor and self-correct their reading



As you build on the foundation blocks of knowledge that your child already has, you can be confident that you’re moving him/her along the path to success. By the time you and your child have reached this part of the Program using early Phonics and the first 40 Stories in Early Reading you will be familiar with using an iPad or similar to help your child learn to read. Here are some examples of what you'll find in Advanced Reading.


This the cover page of the Story just as you would find on any Story book.

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This is part of the Teaching Page for this story. Each page shows you exactly what to do to help your child read the story successfully. As your child practices previously learned skills, new ones are added as they arise.  New words are only added in very small numbers at each level so that your child isn’t overwhelmed with too much at once.


Here’s an example of a Story page that your child reads. As you can see the Stories get longer and more involved as your child uses Advanced Phonics skills and progresses through the Program. They are now real stories that make them more interesting to read for your child.