Our Aim - Every Child A Reader

Our commitment to you is to offer outstanding value and expertise to make it easy and affordable for every parent to help their child learn to read to the best of their ability.

Your Program has evolved as parents showed their preference for shorter ebooks. When you purchase one of our ebooks it reassures us that we've made the right decision!

Reading and writing have been hugely important in my life and right from an early age I’ve loved books.

My first effort at writing a book came at 11 years old when the teacher set the class the task of each of us writing a story and making it into a book, complete with cover and pictures. I called mine Rusty Pippin Makes Friends (I had a golden Cocker Spaniel as my pet at the time,) and I just loved it. I kept that book for many years.

Skip forward twenty five years including seven years as a remedial reading teacher for a wider age group (which I still do) and my daughter (also a teacher) and I realized that, as highly experienced teachers of early reading skills, we had the knowledge that could help parents who wanted to help their child learn to read.

When I started to write this series of books it was to satisfy a desire to give something back to all the parents and children I had come across in my teaching career. I didn’t write them to make money, because you seldom make money writing children’s books, but to help the many parents who see their child face a daily struggle to learn to read and succeed in this world of ours.

Following my own research, experience and reading, I had developed my own system of teaching reading which used all four recognized reading teaching methods ie Phonics, Look and Say, To With By and Reading for Meaning, and I found that it worked brilliantly!

(When I was leaving one school where I’d taught for 10 years I checked the reading levels of all the children I’d taught in the remedial reading program. Every child was either slightly, or well above average in their reading, yet every one of those children was failing in reading when they came to me!)

As the Phonics Plus Program began to take shape it incorporated all that I’d learned over the years - a reading program of skills and strategies essential for continued reading success.

Skip another few years and two major revisions and finally the Phonics Plus Program in ebook form was ready to go.

I’m proud of these ebooks and hope they will achieve their aim of helping you help your child learn to read. Everything I’ve learned over the years is in them. Over years of writing them they have become a part of me.

The value of these books is not in the price, which should be affordable to all, but in the content and, to quote a famous saying, ‘in the blood, toil, tears and sweat’ which have gone into the writing of them.

The Phonics Plus Program is easy to use, completely versatile and effective as you work with your child. I really want you to experience the satisfaction of seeing your child finally make the progress s/he wants and I believe that you'll see that with the Program.

I’m here to help if you have a problem and can’t seem to move on. I love to hear of your success stories and any ideas you have about how I could make the Programs more helpful too, so email me at customerservice@thelearningkitcompany.com

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