Here's a thought you might like to consider:

The epitome of failure is an education system that for fifty years has spent billions and billions of dollars training teachers and building schools to teach children to read  with the end result of annually churning out 30 percent of children who fail to reach a minimum standard of reading by Grade 4. 

Think about it!

In the US 30% of children reach Grade 4 without attaining more than a basic standard of reading !!

When you understand the reason for it you will also understand that the problem doesn't occur at Grade 4 but starts right from the 'beginning to read' phase. In other words the failure is being hidden from you as your child progresses through school until it is too late for you to do anything about it!

The 'system' never blames itself for your child - it always blames your child for your child's reading failure. If you continue to read further it will become obvious that to overcome your child's problems you will have to take control yourself.


The Program is in ebook form which can deter some Parents who believe that holding a hard copy is preferable to buying an ebook. In fact what Parents are buying is the 'knowledge' of how to work with their child and teach their child to read. Once that knowledge has been gained then the actual book, whether a hard copy or an ebook, can be discarded because your child is unlikely to ever want that book again. Your child will move on to bigger and better things with the knowledge gained throughout his/her life.


So, are you a parent with a young child maybe?

A parent with a young child who’s experiencing some problems with reading?

Want to know why Home Schooling or simply helping your child learn to read can be so daunting for many parents?

Want to find out why so many children fail to achieve much more than just a basic level of reading by Grade 4?

Do you want to know why Grade 4 is so critical for your child?

Want to know why learning to read using Phonics is so difficult for many children?

Regardless of whether your child attends school and you’re trying to help your child learn to read at home, or you’re home schooling your child completely, if you’re not getting the results you expected then there’s something wrong!

Make no mistake! We are on the verge of another Industrial Revolution. Industrial automation will bring a sea change which will mean far fewer jobs for children with poor reading ability. As the job market becomes squeezed there will be more people chasing fewer jobs. The unskilled jobs will go first with the result that there will be pressure brought to bear on children to become more skilled. And more skilled means being able to read fluently and well and at the critical 4th Grade level.

So how do you future-proof your child against this problem?

It begins with your child’s reading ability!

Simple as – but without the right tools so many children will have reading failure on the horizon.

So do you have what it takes to take control of your child’s reading progress? There are hundreds of quick fix programs promising to “Teach your child to read in ten easy lessons”. I’m sure you’ve seen them advertised but they seldom work and critical time in your child’s early reading progress is being wasted while these various programs are tried. If they did work then every teacher would rush to buy them and use them in the classroom and we wouldn’t have the failure rate of Early Reading that we have today.

So here’s a simple question:

If all these “easy” and “fun” ways to teach your child to read worked why do you think that one third of all children in the US fail to reach the minimum standard of reading by the 4th Grade? 

So what happens when the employment of the young hit a rock and a hard place?

If you want the answer to some of the questions raised here and you’ve decided to help your child with his/her reading, or to Home School your child, then go to:

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